Frequently asked questions


Is it better to use cast iron grates or stainless steel grates?
Both are great options, but there are some notable differences between the two types of grates. For starters, cast iron stores more heat than cast iron grates, so they rise higher in temperature. On the other hand, they are harder to maintain and slightly less durable than stainless steel grates. On the other hand, Stainless grates require much less maintenance and are generally more durable than cast iron grates.
What size BBQ do I need?
The size of the BBQ always depends on the use you make of it as well as the number of people served during the meals. If you are using your BBQ to cook the entire meal e.g. meats, vegetables, potatoes etc., it is important to have a good cooking surface to have room for all the food and to be able to keep different temperatures on the BBQ. Also, if you have a large family or you are the type of person who entertains a lot of people at the same time, it is important to have enough space on the BBQ to provide for family and friends. On the contrary, if youare just one or two, there is no need to go overboard on the size of the BBQ, as you will not be using the entire surface area of the unit.
Is the Stainless finish better than the Black or Charcoal enamel finish?
Taking the Napoleon Prestige 500 as an example, there are different color choices (stainless, black and charcoal). All are also weather resistant and will not change color over the years. Stainless is still the most popular, but black and charcoal are not far behind, as they are normally easier to maintain.
Is a charcoal or pellet BBQ better?
Both appliances are great, but there are a few differences that are important to note. The pellet BBQ requires electricity, so you need to have a power outlet nearby. Il est super facile à contrôler comparativement à un BBQ au charbon. Vous choisissez votre température et il gardera sa température stable tout au long de votre cuisson. The charcoal BBQ is more difficult to control the temperature, but once you know your BBQ, it becomes a habit and everything is done very well. Also, the taste of charcoal is more pronounced than that of pellets.
Can heating pellets be used in a pellet BBQ?
Heating pellets should not be confused with food pellets. In a pellet BBQ, it is important to use food grade pellets, as they are created for the purpose of cooking and smoking food. Unlike heating pellets, which can contain wood species that can be harmful to your meat cooking (pine, spruce) as well as unwanted additives when cooking food.
Can the input area be used as a standard burner?
The particularity of a sizzle zone is the fact that the temperature becomes very high in a short time. The infrared burner can reach 1800 degrees F in 30sec-1min. That being said, the infrared burner is great for searing meat. It can be used as a standard burner, but you have to be careful to manage the temperature, as it is easy to overcook food or even break your pan.
What is the best method for lighting charcoal?
There are several methods of lighting coal, but the two most popular are certainly the chimney igniter and the electric igniter. The chimney ignition is very simple and effective. You place a fire starter at the bottom of the chimney and fill it with coal. About 15 minutes later, it's done. As for the electric igniter, you must have a source of electricity nearby. Then, you just have to glue the lighter to the charcoal which is located in the BBQ and about 5 minutes later the charcoal is lit.
Is the BTU/In2 calculation credible for comparing BBQ performance?
The BTU/In2 calculation can be taken into consideration when purchasing a BBQ, but you should not base your purchase on this criterion alone either. Il y a plusieurs choses à regarder autre que les BTU lors de l’achat d’un BBQ. For example, it is important to analyze the quality of the materials, the cooking surface you need, the functioning of the BBQ, the guarantees of the appliance, etc. This will help you make an informed choice. This will help you make an informed choice and get the best BBQ for your needs.
What is the difference between a Napoleon Rogue BBQ and the Rogue XT
The Rogue is XT BBQ is a high-end model of the standard Rogue. In the XT series, the cooking grate has a larger surface area and the tank lid is higher, allowing you to cook more impressive pieces of meat for your guests. In addition, the XT model is finished in stainless steel and allows you to have grates in the same material.
What is the purpose of the All-in-one?
The All-in-one allows you to make your 22.5'' or 26'' Kettle most versatile. It will allow you to make your kettle into a pizza oven, roaster, tandoor oven and vertical smoker. This accessory will give you more cooking surface for your big parties.
What is the difference between the Kamado Joe 2 and the Kamado Joe 3?
The big differences between the model 2 and the model 3 are the sturdiness of the cart, the number of grate stages supplied with the device (2 stages for the model 2 and 3 stages for the model 3), and the new invention the slow-roller that will allow you to smoke in the best conditions. There are also the shelves that are designed in aluminum in the model 3 and there is the charcoal tray in stainless steel 304 that allows a better air circulation.
What is the difference between the Napoleon Prestige 500 and the Prestige Pro?
The grates of the Prestige 500 are 7mm in diameter and its stove grate is chrome and the infrared burner grate is cast iron, compared to the Prestige Pro 500 model that the main grates are 9mm and the entire other grates are stainless steel as well. A Napoleon logo lights up the floor in the Pro model which is not the case in the standard Prestige. The Prestige Pro's cart is designed more robustly in 304 stainless steel and has a delicate closing of the front doors.
What is the consumption of pellets in a pellet smoker

We're talking about 1 LBS of pellets/hour when the smoker is at a temperature below
300 degrees F.

What is the difference between the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe
The gasket of the 2 devices is not made in the same way, in the BGE it is made of thin heat resistant felt and the KJ is designed thicker in glass viber. The lever of the BGE is made of 2 springs that help you lift the lid of the barbecue, while in the KJ it is a piston that creates a lightness when lifting the lid. The BGE is made in Mexico and the KJ is made in China. The KJ has more innovative accessories while the BGE remains simple.