Louisiana Grills 15 Inch Pizza Stone

$29.99 CAD

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Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the Louisiana Grills 15" ceramic pizza stone. Made of high-temperature stoneware, it's safe for barbecues, ovens and microwaves, and is heat resistant to 450° F (230° C). Purposefully designed with easy-to-lift handles, you can easily move the stone from the hot surface to your dining table with ease. This accessory is the premium choice for a fully baked, deliciously crispy crust for homemade or premade pizza.

  • Made of durable ceramic material
  • 15" diameter
  • Safe to use on grills, ovens or microwaves
  • Bakes pizza crust evenly
  • Built-in easy lift handles
  • Microwave safe
  • Hand wash only